Count Cristof von Junt

The very picture of a Transylvanian Count. Charm, wits, a winning smile, and a crow-bar.


Count Cristof (“Chris” to those close to him, “Your Grace” to people who first meet hm outside of the shop) is a known figure in the London Occult Underground. The von Junts have long been known in their homeland for their possession of esoteric knowledge and spiritual power. Cristof banks on that reputation very strongly.

What most people don’t know is that his homeland is lousy with counts. You can’t swing a dead black cat by the tail without hitting one. So he went to the only place he thought his reputation could make him some coin…London.

He considers himself the main contact with the Occult Underground for the shop. He sniffs out texts of occult significance and will stop at little to gain a collection for the shop.

He’s been known to console Mr. Crowley when the Great Beast gets a bit moody.

Count Cristof von Junt

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